SLA Printing

About SLA

Stereolithography, commonly known as SLA, is a premier choice in resin 3D printing technologies. Renowned for its superior precision and exceptional surface finish, SLA is a go-to method for both prototyping and 3D printing. This technology delivers high-resolution results and smoothly finished surfaces, making it ideal for projects demanding intricate detail and aesthetic perfection.

Post-processing in SLA Printing

Achieving the full potential of an SLA print involves a critical post-processing stage. This multi-step process is essential for enhancing the strength and appearance of the printed item. It typically includes the removal of excess resin, curing to solidify and strengthen the part, and, if required, additional steps like sanding, painting, or polishing. We provide various finishing techniques to meet various aesthetic needs, whether it’s a sleek paint job, a specific texture, or a polished look. Our services can deliver your prints as fully finished items tailored to your specifications.

Benefits of SLA Printing

Materials Used in SLA Printing

SLA printing is versatile in terms of the detailing it can achieve and the variety of resins it can utilise. These materials offer different properties to suit a wide array of applications:

Applications of SLA Printing

SLA’s versatility makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications, including: