About Us

A2O Manufacturing represents a powerful joint venture between A2O Technology and Axentia Group, uniting their distinct strengths and technological expertise. This collaboration is dedicated to offering clients an unparalleled proposition in advanced and composite manufacturing, harnessing innovation and excellence.

The strength of A2O Manufacturing lies in offering independent, comprehensive advice that’s meticulously tailored to each client’s specific needs. Distinct from typical brand-aligned advanced manufacturing companies, our approach is holistic: we adeptly assess challenges, craft bespoke solutions, and efficiently manage the manufacturing process through our extensive network of diverse suppliers.

We are not just a service provider but your strategic partner, prioritising innovation, cost-effectiveness, sustainability, and regulatory compliance. This makes A2O Manufacturing ideal for custom solutions, including large-scale 3D printing. Our expertise extends to creating unique designs across a broad spectrum of 3D printing technologies, catering to needs ranging from one-off designs to large-scale production batches, all manufactured to exacting standards and delivered reliably.

Our services enable customers to accelerate their product-to-market journey, revolutionising traditional manufacturing methods. We serve various industries, including engineering, automotive, product design, architecture, art, film, and more.

At A2O Manufacturing, independence is at the core of our advice. We recognise that many of our clients initially have a limited understanding of advanced manufacturing capabilities and limitations.  For example, we show that, while powerful, 3D printing is not a panacea but rather a highly effective tool for certain applications.

Our expertise is in design for manufacture and manufacturing. Our in-house designers work with our machines, providing unmatched experience in optimising designs for advanced manufacturing. We understand how to leverage the strengths of advanced technologies and mitigate their weaknesses.

Committed to constant learning and improvement, A2O Manufacturing is always evolving. Our ethos of testing, rapid iteration, and embracing what works keeps us at the cutting edge of technological advancements in Industry 4.0, ensuring we provide our clients with the most advanced and effective advanced solutions available.

Why A2O Manufacturing

Independent advice

Cost-effective solutions

Latest technologies

Flexible production options

A Wide Range of Materials

Not restricted by only one technology

In-house technology consultants

Our Mission

A2O Manufacturing is dedicated to leading the way in the advanced manufacturing industry, with a mission centred around delivering sustainable and cost-effective solutions to our clients. Our commitment is to harness the power of the latest manufacturing technologies, such as cutting-edge 3D and Composites technology, to meet and exceed the evolving needs of businesses across various sectors.

We prioritise innovation in our processes and materials, ensuring that our solutions are advanced, eco-friendly, and economically viable. Our approach is client-focused, understanding that each project has unique demands and deserves a tailored solution.

By blending technological excellence with a keen understanding of cost management and environmental responsibility, A2O Manufacturing aims to provide our clients with efficient and effective solutions that align with their values and the global shift towards sustainability.

Senior Leadership Team

Nigel Allman

Chief Executive Officer Axentia Group

Nigel is Group CEO of Axentia Group and is currently CEO of  A2O Manufacturing He also supports a number of Businesses and Charities as a Non-Executive Director.

He has a wealth of experience in business strategy, leadership and governance. He has spent 30 years in Financial Services at the Divisional, Executive and Board levels within nationally recognised brands, including Lloyds Banking Group and Vitality.

Having worked in dynamic, innovative and regulated environments, he has developed a depth of knowledge that can be applied to a variety of sectors, from Banking to Healthcare, from Charities to Insurance and beyond.

He has been fortunate to work with some of the UK’s best leaders and Non Executives and uses this experience in particular to support his client’s ambitions.

Dr Chris Berg CEng, MInstMC

CEO and Founder A|2|O Technology Group. Chief Technology Officer A2O

Dr Chris Berg, a Chartered Engineer, boasts a distinguished educational background with a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Liverpool John Moore’s University, a master’s in Control & IT, and a PhD in Electrorheology from the University of Manchester. His career trajectory, from a Toolroom Apprentice to strategic management and directorship roles in diverse industrial sectors and academia, highlights his extensive global engineering expertise.

Chris has a notable record of implementing cost-effective, quality-assured solutions for business growth, coupled with high-level academic qualifications, publications, and patents. His professional journey includes pivotal roles such as EPAS Self-Accreditation Test Manager for TRW, Chief Engineer at Hutchinson subsidiary Stop-Choc Ltd, Engineering Director at Portastor Ltd, and Strategic Programme Manager at Sigmatex Ltd. Additionally, he co-founded WheelRight Ltd, where he invented and patented a revolutionary Tyre Management Technology, further cementing his status as a leader in technological innovation and commercial application.